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Holistic Health May 24

Holistic Health and Therapy

I've been learning about lymphoedema for ten and a half years, and I'm still upset by the lack of mental health and emotional support for lymphoedema patients. I've long believed that every new lymphoedema diagnosis should be followed with a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA). We know that the NHS adopted person-centred care several years ago, but funding limits, time constraints, and a lack of clinical training means that balancing clinical best practice with patient preference isn’t always possible.

Patients are increasingly being urged to practice selfcare, and as part of our advocacy role L-W-O Community has been talking selfcare since its inception. However, it is my opinion this should be supported selfcare. In addition, we discuss the lymphatic system and the importance of lymphatic health. In the absence of emotional support how can we help ourselves?

Those who know me well will know that I've been interested in holistic therapy and healing for over thirty years. However, I would emphasise that the physical aspects of managing and controlling lymphoedema must be handled by your healthcare team.

This section on Holistic Therapy and Healing will look at wellness and explain how it differs from the Western medical system, as well as how we may use it to improve our overall well-being. This page will explore the Seven Pillars of Holistic Wellness, including physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, and environmental factors, to enhance well-being.

In addition, I will explore therapies that may be relevant to you, that will not hurt your lymphoedema with the aim of improving your mental wellness, thereby enhancing your overall health. While I recommend seeing a professional therapist in these subjects, certain therapies can be done at home.


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Crystal Healing

Did you know that Crystal healing dates to Mesopotamia and the Sumerians 6,000 years ago?

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that restores harmony to your mind and life. It is stated that a crystal selects you, not the other way around. However, I believe you are in harmony with the crystal you selected. Learn more about how I have used crystals in my home and at different times with family…

Crystal Healing


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reiki 24

Chakra Balancing

Do you know when your body is out of sync? "I know I do".

Is there a simple explanation for this?

This page will focus on chakras. The name 'chakra' is derived from Sanskrit and means "wheel," and it is frequently used to depict spinning wheels. These are your body's energy centres, and they play an important role in maintaining emotional, physical, and spiritual health. When we talk of spiritual health, we don't necessarily mean spiritual alignment with religion learn more…

Chakras 24


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Meditation 24


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Yoga 24
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